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Swiss Geoscience Meeting

Symposia Sessions, Saturday November 19th 2022, UNIL Geopolis

Part of our joint research is dicovering each other's fields and attending events in the art and in the science fields.

It was a great experience to attend the 20th Swiss Geoscience Meeting. There was an exhibition of scientific posters and symposia sessions.

I particularly enjoyed the ones around Feminist Geopolitics with the presentation of Towards a reproductive geopolitics with Carolin Schurr, Laura Perler, Nora Komposch and Yolinliztli Perez-Hernandez and Access to reproductive health care in temporary liminal spaces: Insights into the geopolitics of im/mobility and population in Spain’s strawberry industry with Nora Komposch, Angels Escriva and Ikram Akhatou.

“In feminist geopolitics the body is the central site"
"Whose babies count ?" "Whose lives are rescued and grieved ?" "Who benefits from safety ?"

Quotes freely transcribed from Carolin Schurr's talk Towards a reproductive geopolitics


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