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Lighten Up ! Exhibition at EPFL

Lighten Up ! Exhibition, Tuesday May 16th 2023, EPFL Pavilions

In the frame of our joint research we visited the exhibition Lighten Up ! On Biology and Time, at the EPFL Pavilions.

image d'une oeuvre d'Alan Bogana
View of Light-Oriented Ontologies — The Beginnings , artwork from Alan Bogana

Through the lens of art, Lighten Up! On Biology and Time explores the connection of living organisms with the natural cycle of light and dark. From fungi to ferns, from hamsters to humans, all have evolved circadian rhythms that connect them to the alternation of day and night. In our screen-based society, there is an increasing urgency to raise awareness of reconnecting to the outdoor environment. Nineteen installations transform our daily, lunar and seasonal rhythms into light- and soundscapes, immersive spaces or virtual experiences to remind us the necessity of regular light exposure for a healthy life.

Contributors: Olafur Eliasson, Colin Fournier, Andreas Horlitz, Ted Hunt, Liliane Lijn, Robin Meier Wiratunga with André Gwerder and Guy Amichay, Susan Morris, Anne Noble with Guy Warman, Anna Ridler, Helga Schmid, Anna Wirz-Justice et al., Marilyne Andersen et al., Siegrun Appelt with Constanze Müller, Kirell Benzi, James Carpenter, Rafael Gil Cordeiro and Alan Bogana.


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