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Decolonizing Geography

October 6 and 7 - International conference Decolonizing Geography and Environmental Studies?

UNIL Geopolis

Part of our joint research is dicovering each other's fields and attending events in the art and in the science fields. It was a great experience to hear all these researchers questionning colonial issues in the scientific field.

Poster Decolonizing Geography

“Il y a toujours une supposition pour pouvoir formuler une question” "There is always an assumption in order to formulate a question" Elísio Macamo

This conference was organized by GRAAR (Group Reflecting and Acting Against Racism), an initiative of UNIL’s Institute of geography and sustainability, in collaboration with AEA (Association of Afro-descendent Students UNIL – EPFL), and IGS North-South. It was co-funded by UNIL’s Faculty of Geosciences and the Environment and IGS North-South.


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